About Us

Welcome to Dalcamber Style! My name is Alex, and I know a thing or two about style. Thanks for visiting our site, you actually lucked out because I’m giving our first ten lucky visitors a chance at the prize wheel. I get to keep the prizes, though. Someone’s gotta pay the bills around this place.

If you were looking for a site that knows nothing about style, then you’re in the wrong place. But you seem like an intelligent, capable person who knows what they’re doing. Not only do I offer fashion advice, but I can guess what all the latest and upcoming trends are. I invented pokemon go, fidget spinners, and dancing.

Are you disappointed with your previous style-based site? Or maybe you just don’t know what that is? Well look no further, because you’ll never have to visit another site again. If you want, I can even tell you what food you can or can’t eat. Who doesn’t love a little abuse of power? After all, it’s now like power is corruptible or anything.

One thing I won’t do as your personal style advisor is digress. I’ll be too busy completing all my tasks efficiently and on time, unlike other style people.

What is style, really? Can you sum it up into one word without having to google it? I know I can, but I’ll sum it up into two words. I just did twice the amount of work that you thought I would. Impressed? Style to me is “good advice”. Looks like I’m perfect for the job, because I can provide you with both style and Style.

Unfortunately, fashion advice doesn’t come cheap. And I don’t like doing things that I don’t have to, so don’t ask me to rub your back or something. Maybe my next site should be a masseuse website, where I give tons of massages and massage advice but I don’t do anything that’s fashion based.

That way I can tap into both markets, AND people are getting both good advice on anything they want, and massages from a handsome guy with strong hands