After hanging out with steph yesterday

I know it’s probably not relevant at this point, but I don’t care because it adds more words. I forgot to mention a few minor details about hanging out before we dropped her off. So before we could get to gamestop, there’s a giant Target parking lot with lots of shopping carts. One of them was left way before the parking lot, beyond target’s property line, so Steph hopped in and I pushed her for the rest of the way. She kept getting scared and thinking that I was gonna make her fall out, because we would go downhill or I would make some kind of turn or something.

Also, on the way back, we got drinks again from the convenience store. This time, I got one of the white cans of Monster and she got a strawberry milk. Strawberry milk just tastes like a melted strawberry shake, and it wasn’t bad. I just don’t really care for milk because I used to be lactose intolerant as a baby and milk hasn’t agreed with me since. The white can of monster wasn’t terrible, but it’s still just too much. It’s too rich or something, even though the white one has no sugar or calories, supposedly. I only drank about half the can, and I already felt full. Part of it could have been the fact that we were walking while drinking, too. All that energy stuff that they cram into the can was probably just hurting my body because I pretty much never consume energy drinks. One time I actually spilled an energy drink into my carpet in my room, even though I wasn’t supposed to be drinking them. We’re just fortunate that there’s a great reno carpet cleaning company that fixed it.

They’re so terrible for you, but it seems like almost everyone at my high school in oregon drinks a Monster before class. I could never drink a whole can by myself. The white can doesn’t have a specific “flavor”, or if it does, I couldn’t find it. It just tasted like an orange soda like Orange Crush. Again, it wasn’t terrible. I always have to finish the drink before I get home because my dad won’t let me drink that kind of crap. He probably wouldn’t care if I just drank one around him, because he knows I don’t crave sugar and I know how unhealthy they are for you. Still, I have to experience new things eventually.