Fort Lauderdale Florida Restaurant Hunt

Every year we do a month long exploratory trip to someplace new in the USA.  This year our target is Florida.  We intend on tripping our way through Florida for the month of May.  Might be a little warmish but we want to experience that too.

This particular trip is not just about a fun visit but actually to see if we would want to move to Florida.  I’m a ‘desert rat’ right now, living in Reno Nevada.  But I love sailing and use to keep a 40’ sailboat in SoCal.  But it wasn’t convenient enough and it was under used. So, the thought is to buy an small condo in Florida and a big sailboat.  Then we can have a ‘basecamp’ and spend much more time sailing.

So, I don’t know if Fort Lauderdale is the place for me – but we’re going to check it out.  I like the idea of being on the east side of Florida because  of the proximity to Bermuda and the Bahamas.  It would be great to be able to sail from Fort Lauderdale out to the islands for a 3 day weekend.  We’ll see.

One of the great things I love to do on these excursions is to meet up with my clients in the area.  I have one that has a Fort Lauderdale restaurant hood cleaning business.  I’ve never met him in person – but I would like to grab lunch with him and to find out more about ways to help him improve his marketing.

The other fun thing I like to do is to check out tons of restaurants.  I always feel like the Guy Fieri of travel when I do these trips because I am picking restaurants to try and seeing what’s hot in any given town.  This always takes some pre-planning because I hate to be in a town that has a spectacular restaurant and I can’t get in because we didn’t set reservations far enough in advance.  So, Fort Lauderdale dining will be no exception. I’ll scout (on the internet) to find as many Fort Lauderdale restaurants that I want to try as possible.  And preplan the days accordingly.  Crazy, right?

I have started looking at restaurants to try, and I sent my buddy with the hood cleaning business a note asking for his opinion.  I figure anyone that sees 2 or 3 restaurant kitchen hoods per day, knows the nice, safe places to eat.

First on my list is a place that has a massive amount of restaurant reviews and looks to have a stellar reputation among locals and tourists, Coconuts. It’s a great place for breakfast and brunch on Seabreeze Blvd in Fort Lauderdale.  This place reminds me of Good Stuff in Hermosa Beach, CA, but without the pro beach volleyball players outside the window.  But the setting is pretty awesome and I really look forward to dining at Coconuts. The menu has some amazing choices.  If I had one critique for Coconuts, it’s that their online menu is poorly formatted and looks cheesy for such a nice restaurant. I want conch fritters and key lime pie!

I’m also looking forward to a nice Cuban sandwich.  And I found 925 Nuevo’s Cubano’s looks to be the place to try.  They’re at 925 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale and I love the look of this place from the street view.  Once again, great reviews online make me think this place is going to be awesome. I did not see an online menu – but since I am mostly after an authentic cuban sandwich, I’m not too worried about it.  This is exactly the kind of Cuban restaurant that I hoped to find in Fort Lauderdale!

For high-end, fine dining in Fort Lauderdale, I’m not sure what to pick.  I’m going to need advice on this one.  I see some interesting places like Diplomat Prime, Bourbon Steak, Jackson’s Prime, and Etaru.  But I’m really not seeing anything about any of them to be too excited over except the spectacular setting at Etaru.  Anyone in Fort Lauderdale foodie community that has opinions on fine dining, I’d certainly appreciate a tip or two.